My name is Felix Menard, I'm a Canadian artist
specializing in photography and technology.
My work ranges from photographs and composite images to websites. I've been studying Art, Design & Technology in various institutions, and I'm currently focusing solely on my projects.

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  • Programming,
  • APIs integration,
  • Data acquisition,
  • Data parsing,
  • (Making things work)

Data & Mathematics

  • Statistics,
  • Logical Thinking,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Data Mining & Filtering

Communication & Information Sciences

  • Information Architecture,
  • Semantic, Language, Ontologies,
  • Communication & Marketing


  • Create,
  • Inspire,
  • Aesthetics,
  • Transcend
  • (Magic)

Interactive &
Graphic Design

  • User Experience,
  • Represent Visually,
  • Photography,
  • Typography

While I'm not a specialist in each of these fields, my work does combine aspects of these disciplines together.

timeline: work & education

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work: the catalog

2010 - 2011Book, 8" × 8"

In this book, photographs of various consumer goods are algorithmically superimposed to create a single image representing each of these products.

work: motion

2010Chromogenic Prints, 29 × 40"

While exploring the boundaries of the photographic image, I took these painterly photographs using long exposure and camera motion.

work: les jours

2009Light boxes installation, Variable Dimensions

These translucent but not transparent windows cut people off from the outside world. They have purposely been designed and installed solely for their lighting function.

work: animals

2008Chromogenic Prints, 44 × 54"

This photographic series explores how we transfer human characteristics onto animals, with an aim to highlight how it affects our idea of nature.

work: alphapedia

2009Website, Browser extension

A one letter encyclopedia based on the Wikipedia model. By clicking on a letter, you access a page listing all of its definitions. In doing this, the original context is lost; highlighting on a small scale the structural flaws of the language-based model.

work: the new photography

2010Website, photographs

This website plays with the idea of “new” by presenting the user with the latest photo uploaded online. Watching this constant stream of new images uncannily links the user to whoever has just uploaded the photo.

work: artist guide

2010Website, Stop-motion Animations

This art students' survival guide makes fun of the over-simplified curriculum of some Fine Arts Programs.

work: icons

2010Supperposed Magazine Ads

Composite images representing modern beliefs and devotional subjects matter.

work: engravings

2008Giclée Prints on Fiber-based paper, 12 × 12"

Engravings created by assembling various commercial, educational and religious images.

work: traces

2007Chromogenic Prints, 20 × 24"

By photographing empty spaces, the remnants of previous inhabitants hint at the history of these abandoned places.