BuilDing fUtures At the intErsectioN Of Tech,
Art & DesiGn

Hopeless dreamer, dedicated maker and perpetual wanderer

Having been immersed in the technology sector for two decades, I've developed an hands-on expertise in various fields - from UX design and full-stack programming to establishing product-market fit. I've worn multiple hats, ranging from independently crafting online platforms, advising startup leaders, to leading sizeable teams within corporate structures.


As a dedicated lifelong learner, I've had the privilege of teaching visual design at UQAM School of Media, fostering a sense of inquiry and supporting experimental creativity. I welcome invitations for speaking engagements and teaching opportunities.

Startup Studio

I started fragile ventures to nurture new ideas and work with other innovators. The apps in the studio portfolio cater to over 500,000 monthly active users.

Art & Experiments

Embracing curiosity is a process that yields a hot mess of half-baked ideas and weird art projects. Examples include a social network for AIs, a street photography book, an AI-generated photojournalism exhibit, and a degenerative design collective.

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